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2003 Empire Deluxe PBEM Tournament / Homepage

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2003 Empire Deluxe PBEM Tournament


First Round starts on about December 10, 2002

Second Round starts on about January 20, 2003 (before most of the first round games are complete)

Late starters will be accommodated through February or so.

First Round Matchups

This is tentative with one week to go.


There are 57 players signed up so far.

Signing up

Send your info to empiredeluxe@attbi.com. See the player list for a sample. If you send it with commas, I can paste it into my spreadsheet.

Email Address: Until you actually have an opponent only I will have your email address.

Tournaments: Which of Sir Lancelot's tournaments did you play in? This will help for the initial seeding, to know whom to go to if I get in over my head, and whom to ask to help late starters catch up.

Colors: I need your first and second choice colors for when I get the games started

Time you check email: If you give me the time you check email I can try to pair you up with someone who will have a compatible schedule to help get more turns in per week.

Mailing List

At this point there is no mailing list for the tournament. I am working on one. In the mean time I will add your email address to a private distribution list. When I send out mail it will sent as a Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) to the distribution list. This will prevent your address from being displayed so that spammers cannot get it. It will also make it so that respoonses do not go to the entire list. If you have a junk mail filter you may not get the messages.

If you want to get a message to the whole group send it to me at empiredeluxe@attbi.com and I will send it out if I think it is appropriate. Post it at http:// groups.yahoo.com/group/empire-deluxe/ if you do not want my moderation.


This tournament will use Swiss pairings. That is similar to what is generally used in chess tournaments. Each round you will be playing someone who has won the same number of games as you. Since there are over 32 players there will be at least 6 rounds. At the end each player receives an overall rank and a rating that can be used to start a ladder.

Games will be on a 60 by 80 map, the same as Sir L used in previous tournaments. Production and combat will both be set to advantage 3. The game is played until one player has 67 percent of the cities. If you reach 150 turns without a winner it is a draw. The score of the number of turns to victory is used for tie-breakers and determining rating points.

A typical game will last anywhere from 2 to 4 months. In order to complete the tournament in a reasonable period, we will be playing more than one game at a time. This ends up working out because your rating depends on not just your win-loss record, but also on your score and the results of the people you beat. We will also have the final four play a round-robin for the title.

Late players can be accommodated as long as they can play fast enough to catch up. Some of you may be asked to play extra games to help make that happen. Slow play may prevent you from winning the tournament, but just because you have a real life should not prevent you from playing.

There will be at least two prizes - one for overall winner and one for best newcomer. The latter will be my copy of Empire Deluxe: The Official Strategy Guide. You can get a rating even if you do not finish all the rounds, but you cannot win a prize.


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