Update für Empire Deluxe ENHANCED Edition (EDEE) auf 4.011

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Update für Empire Deluxe ENHANCED Edition (EDEE) auf 4.011

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Hallo zusammen,

für die Empire Deluxe Enhanced Edition (EDEE) gibt es seit dem 02.10.2012 ein Update auf die Programmversion 4.011! :ok:

Folgende Punkte haben sich laut Marks Webseite geändert:
General Fixes
  • Compiled in VS 2010
  • Adjusted internals to control messages from getting lost to clients
  • Adjusted tab sizes due to WINE discrepancies
  • If default queue sorting is closest loc, queue will resort with each active unit
  • Removed Possibility of hang on “end game” option in PBM
  • Removed some obscure cheat capability for pbm games (shame on me, shame on you)
  • Switching from Network Play to PBEM required a non-intuitive step
  • Tool Tips for the Map not always working correctly
  • Fixed other minor issues reported over time
  • Rare occasion city shows as previous owner after being captured
  • Totally random city placement actually means totally random
  • Cleaned up city selection option
  • DB Versions added to summary
  • Auto saved games could cause problems when being used for PBM
  • Reduced Size of no/unknown production string in map display
  • Auto Production Remote Packet fixed
  • Added Date String to Game Summary
  • Added Production Calculator
  • Added “Send Home” Command on out of range warning dialog
  • 'Stealth Fire' enabled units now do not show fire arc when firing.
  • Fighters were bombing at 50% when they should be at 33%
  • Unit Report Data can now be exported to xml
  • Game Clock underneath re-engineered
  • Can Only Save a game during your turn
  • Queue sorts by location now resort at every active unit
  • Added Key Bind Capability for Battle Odds and Production Calculators
  • Satellites Destroyed during launch were sending wrong results to the client.
  • Added DB Modifier “Crippled When Exhausted”
  • Ground Units with range were starting with 0 movement when placed outside a host.
  • Added Portage data in status line for host units that do not have unlimited capacity
AI Specific
  • AI Re-save not setting origin/capital position correctly for mission calculations
  • If the geography is just right, AI Player could get confused in early exploration and oscillate his exploration assets
  • AI Player has changed the way some assets are assigned missions
  • Fixed some AI DLL stability issues
  • Fixed other minor issues reported over time
  • AI Player slightly more efficient in large games, still room for improvement
  • AI Player was using arty on neutral cities
  • AI was not behaving with the game clock in use
Ihr findet den Patch hier: http://www.killerbeesoftware.com/kbsgam ... #EDEEPATCH